“Fire box” : Inside the Artist’s Studio

Title: "Firebox" / Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

Title: “Firebox” / Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

This is a still life of the fire in my wood stove during a past winter.  I love to sit by the fire and gaze at the flames.  I become lost in their dancing.  In this work, I tried to depict the different types of flames I noticed  in the fire.  Some were orange with flickering tips of blue.  They reminded me of Tibetan imagery of flames.  Other flames were bright white-yellow, exploding out from beneath a burning log, and bursting with orange sparks.   The coals consuming the logs burned blue-hot.  (I usually associate blue with coolness, but not in this fire. )  I also liked the high contrast of the dark background of the firebox with the brightness of the flames.  I find that it is a challenge to paint fire, but it is fun.  (Painted 2011)

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