“Father and Son” : Inside the Artist’s Studio

Title: "Father and Son" / Acrylic on Canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

Title: “Father and Son” / Acrylic on Canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

This is a large double portrait of my husband and my son, at nearly the same age, separated by many years.  It is meant as a visual family in-joke, really,  since this father and son look quite similar.   By design, the painting is intended to resemble an exhibit of natural science “specimens” against a marble wall with bronze plaques.  The concept of the painting began when a family member remarked that a photograph of my son at a wedding resembled a photograph my husband on our wedding day, particularly the beards and sunglasses.  The original photo of my husband did not have a car in the background as did the photo of my son. For balance of design,  I decided to insert the image of the car my husband owned at the time of our wedding. Then I included, as backdrop, the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, NM, because I have many happy memories of traveling to ABQ in that screaming yellow car.  For the look of the “marble”,  I was inspired by a lovely chunk of azurite and malachite that I have,  which has dramatic veining.  (Painted 2014)

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