“Max Montana…” : Inside the Artist’s Studio

Title: "Max Montana and JawKnee RawKet" / Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

Title: “Max Montana and JawKnee RawKet” / Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

This is a double portrait of my son holding our then-puppy.  I am not satisfied with the way the portrait of my son came out;  so I decided that it is not my son after all, but a fictitious person named Max Montana! In the title, I spelled our dog’s name phonetically, just for fun. The characters are reclining on a couch, covered with a black floral bedspread that I have always liked.  I also like the shape of the pillow next to the young man’s head: It reminds me of a steep mountain top. Since the word for mountain in Spanish is “montaña”, I decided to add the word “Montana” to the title.

I was drawn to this image one evening, because of the high contrast between the very light areas of the scene and the extremely dark areas. I especially loved the way the dog’s dangling white paws appeared against the darkest area of the design.  But what I loved most was the endearing way the dog and human interacted:  They seem so relaxed and content together.  (Painted 2012)


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