“La Pelirroja” : Inside the Artist’s Studio

Title: "La Pelirroja" | Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

Title: “La Pelirroja” | Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

This is a portrait of a red-haired woman bartender with a wistful look.  This scene reminded me of Hopper’s “Night Owls”, so it is my homage to Hopper!  I really liked the contrast between the bright light streaming through the window and the dark shadowy interior of the bar, as well as the strong diagonal design element of the shiny bar-counter.  I also loved the look of the bartender’s green hair scarf against  her red hair.  I tried to channel Impressionism with choppy brush strokes, especially on her hand to suggest movement.  { “La Pelirroja” means red-haired woman in Spanish. }   (Painted 2012)

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