“Monson NH” : Inside the Artist’s Studio

Title: "Monson NH" | Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

Title: “Monson NH” | Acrylic on canvas, by NH artist Denise Clark

This is a landscape of the main trail into the abandoned Pre-Revolutionary War village of Monson in the town of Milford, New Hampshire.  This scene depicts the last remaining house in the village and the lovely gardens planted and maintained by the unofficial caretaker of the property.  There are many cellar holes on the property dating from the 18th century, with plaques indicating their locations and the biographical information of the original residents.  This land was rescued from residential development through the effort of  local citizens. It now has many open fields  and hiking trails; as well as a beaver pond with a blue heron rookery.   It is a favorite walking trail for my husband and our dog and me.  This is an earlier work.  (Painted 2009)

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